Dr. Monica Imelio

Graduated in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis at the University of Pavia (Italy) in 1992, she is an active member of the Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (IAED) and an affiliate member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED).
She is a member of the Massironi Study Club and DentalBrera Alumni study group.
She is the author of the prosthesis books (in Italian): The cephalic pain of stomatognathic interest, M. Imelio, A. Brusoni, M. Segù; Partial preparations in fixed prosthesis, A. Brusoni, A. De Carli, M. Imelio.
Speaker at courses and congresses, she practices professionally in Tortona and Novi Ligure, Italy.
She has been working using the surgical microscope in daily practice since 2004.

E-mail: monica.imelio@gmail.com