Dentalbrera offers insight to those dentists and dental technicians who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the most advanced prosthetic techniques. The courses are taught in english by Dr. Stefano Gracis and other renowned professionals, Dr. Antonello Appiani and Dr. Monica Imelio, who offer a wealth of experience in the scientific and educational fields. They are clinicians devoted not only to their patients, but also to spreading and sharing their knowledge.

The same opportunity to deepen one’s knowledge is offered by the DBA Meeting. As a matter of fact, the success of the event depends on the combination of two ingredients: a team of speakers of the highest level and a charming setting which is choosen with great care year by year. For the next edition, the twelfth, amog the speakers there will be both internationally renowned professors from the University of Bologna, Prof. Giuseppe Zucchelli and Prof. Carlo Monaco, and a master dental technician from the United States, Olivier Tric.