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Impression materials and techniques



Impression materials and techniques for teeth and for implants:
A comprehensive guide to the selection of the proper material and protocol


To many professionals, final impression is a very stressful moment of the prosthetic work flow on which they believe they have little or no control. Every time that an impression is not satisfactory, often they do not know whether to blame the material or the technique. This course attempts to answer the following question: does a satisfactory impression depend more on the choice of an accurate material or on the utilization of a proper technique?

The topics addressed are:

  • Types of impression materials available
  • Detailed criteria for material selection
  • Soft tissue retraction: methods and products
  • Step-by-step impression technique for tooth-supported restorations
  • Objectives and peculiarities of impression taking for implant-supported restorations
  • Innovations in impression taking: the intraoral digital scanner – is it time to start using it?
Course duration
1 day
Theoretical course

Provided material
Detailed Handout