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The use of semplified instrumentation in occlusion rehabilitation



Clinical considerations and rationale for the use of simplified instrumentation in occlusal rehabilitation: When to use an articulator and how


Especially when performing extensive rehabilitations, many operators believe that, in order to have optimum control of the occlusal variables, it is necessary to employ rather sophisticated instruments and complicated procedures. This course addresses a rationale for an approach that uses a simplified but sound instrumentation in the clinical and laboratory steps necessary to produce an esthetic and functional prostheses.


The following are some of the topics that will be discussed:

  • When should the models of the patient be mounted on an articulator and how?
  • Which instruments should be used?
  • Which settings should be incorporated and why?
  • When should centric relation be recorded and when maximum intercuspation?
  • How are centric relation and maximum intercuspation be recorded?
Course duration
1 giorno 
Material included
Detailed handout